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Our detailers are certified by the IDA and promote an environment of professionalism and education. We specialize in caring for the unique paint, finishes, and materials found in late model European luxury cars and premium electric vehicles.


Tailored to work within your schedule and meet your expectations. Average service time spent at your house is 4.5 hours. Some services require a full day, or are split up over multiple days. Select services can also be scheduled for our Middleton/Verona detail shop.


We are proud participants in the Dr. Beasley's Authorized Detailer program.

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Our exterior cleansing and preparation services form the foundation of our expertly designed sealant-based car care regimen. Work with us tomorrow, and in the future, to keep your new car looking and feeling exquisite.

New Car Protection Packages

All new car protection services start with a gentle cleansing and surface preparation routine that includes

  • Hand Wash
  • DI Water Rinse
  • Paint Inspection
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Interior Vacuum
  • HVAC Steam Cleaning
  • Rubber Seal Conditioning
  • Underbody Anti-Rust Corrosion Inhibitors


1/2 day
Hand wash, paint decontamination, and surface preparation +
  • PlasmaCoat VOC free
    1 Year Nano Ceramic Coating
    Exterior Paint & Wheel Faces
  • Glass IQ VOC free
    Hydrophobic & Smudge Resistant
    Interior & Exterior Glass
  • Tire Cream Silicone free
    Shine, Protect & Rejuvenate
    Tires & Trim
  • Multi Clean Anti-static
    Interior UV Protectant
    Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Screens
  • Carpet & Upholstery Protection
    Beads Liquids to Prevent Staining
    Carpet & Floor Mats
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2 days
Adds paint polishing and warrantied coatings.
  • Nano-Resin 3 year warranty
    Semi-Permanent Ceramic Coating
    Exterior Paint & Wheels
  • Glass Serum 3 year warranty
    Semi-Permanent Ceramic Coating
    Exterior Glass
  • Tire Conditioner No-sling formula
    Helps Tires Resist UV Damage
  • Plastic Sealant Hydrophobic
    Inhibits Fading and Cracking
    Exterior Trim
  • Leather Lock Water-based
    Durable Protective Coating
    All Interior Leather
  • Plastic Conditioner Won’t trap dust
    Inhibits Fading and Cracking
    Interior Plastic
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3 days
The ultimate in coating-based new car surface protection.
  • Nano-Resin Pro 9 year warranty
    Elastomeric Ceramic Coating
    Exterior Paint
  • Glass Serum Pro 7 year warranty
    Permanent Hydrophobic Protection
  • Plastic Coating 5 year warranty
    Resists Micro-Marring and Etching
    Exterior Plastic Trim
  • Headlight Coating 5 year warranty
    Superhydrophobic - Blocks UV Damage
    Headlights & Taillights
  • Upholstery Coating 5 year warranty
    Stain & UV Damage Protection
    Fabric & Leather
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Free Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Receive a free Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag with any interior steam cleaning service. These bags are great for placing in your glove box or trunk to help soak up off-gassing in new cars, or filter out excess moisture and odors from your interior.

How it Works

Your first step is to book your service appointment online. Not sure what service you require? No problem, we'll confirm with you or can have a technician do an assessment at your home and discuss your options.

After your booking is made we'll send out an email to confirm and let you know how to best prepare for your appointment. Depending on the service we'll be performing, there are a few things we require; like access to electric, water, and shade.

24-48 hours before your appointment we'll give you a quick call to confirm the details of your appointment and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

The day you've been waiting for is here! On your appointment day a certified detailer will arrive at your home. You should be present at the start of your appointment time as our technician will spend about 15 minutes with you to review your detail plan for the day and confirm everything is in place to provide you and your car with the highest level of service.

Unlike other detail services that cover up, conceal, or employ other short term solutions... we focus on delivering long-term, corrective and protective solutions to your car care needs.

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